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Hibiscus Warehouse is an importer of the finest quality Furniture & Homeware. We offer wholesale and we also deal direct with the public from our warehouse which is located at 54 Union Street, Sale, Victoria 3850. Hibiscus Warehouse is open to the public 2 days per week Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. & Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Hibiscus Warehouse can be contacted during business hours on (03) 5144 7358 or outside of business hours through our Mobile 0407 550 792 
At Hibiscus Warehouse, we aim to provide customers with the best possible service and competitively low prices, as we are direct importers you save on middleman overheads. Hibiscus Warehouse takes pride in our approach to the welfare of village families and craftsmen who create the individual handicraft & furniture pieces for our warehouse. You can take comfort in knowing that when you purchase any item from our range, you are contributing to the well being of village and family life.
  • We retail through our own Warehouse in Sale, Victoria Australia. 
  • We wholesale to shops, builders, galleries and apartment complexes. 
  • Special customers - architects, builders and interior decorators, we can supply for anyone who is after excellent quality and low prices.
  • Hiring – Hibiscus Warehouse hires to film, television, advertising agencies, events and theatre.

Main Types Of Wood Used


  • Considered a large Hardwood, grown predominantly in South East Asia.
  • Texture of the wood is course and even.
  • Grain is often interlocked, giving a ribbon effect on the surface.
  • Extremely durable.
  • A beautiful looking wood displaying various shades of red - 'Light Red & Dark Red'. (No two pieces are the same in colour)
  • Has characteristics of 'Antique style' which makes each piece unique.
  • Ages extremely well
  • By being porous, Mahogany absorbs oils which best enhances it's wonderful grain.


  • A large Hardwood from India, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Typically golden brown in colour, which changed according to stain and finish.
  • Teak contains an Olio resin, which gives it a greasy feel and distinctive odour to freshly cut wood.
  • Texture of the wood is uneven.
  • Grain of the wood is usually straight.
  • Grain comes to life with oil.
  • Extremely durable for outdoor use Ð non-porous wood therefore can withstand rain
Hibiscus Quality Guarantee
Hibiscus Warehouse has a guarantee on everything we sell from furniture to homewares, if it has been cared for the way we advise when purchased and the item breaks, fails in anyway we will replace it or your money back! That's the guarantee at Hibiscus!